Mango and Coconut Milk Soy Wax Candle - 9 oz

♡ Our 9oz jar comes in a frosted holder and a natural bamboo lid. This jar has a diameter of 3” and a height of 4”. Each candle will be packaged in a matte black box. This size is perfect for filling up a larger sized room. This size has a burn time of about 50-55 hours.

♡ Chosen wax: Premium Soy Wax Blend. With the percentage of paraffin wax in our candles, it can carry a longer and stronger lasting scent and still have a slow burning and natural characteristic candle that soy wax carries.

♡ Chosen wick: All these candles house wooden wicks that come with a crackle sound to accompany the scent! Wooden wicks are unique and need extra care, care and trimming instructions will be included in every order.

♡ Candles will be packaged individually in a box, the perfect packaging to ensure safety during transit.

♡ Each candle size will perform different in every environment! If your room isn’t filling up with the scent even after four hours, the candle size may not have the capacity to. Please keep this in mind! To get the best out of products and scents, we highly recommend the 9oz candle!

♡ Hand poured with love from Oahu, Hawaii. These candles are made and poured in SMALL batches.