Ojas Mist

・Ojas Mist・

Soothe your soul with organic Kaua'i grown sage hydrosol with essential oils of French lavdender & Himalayan Cedarwood

In Ayurveda, ojas is that effervescent glow. It is the sum of all 7 dhatus(bodily tissues) & is responsible for vitality, vigor & immunity.

Formulated to combat kapha season(late winter-spring). Kapha is wet, heavy, cold & oily. Also a common time for the flu & allergies.

Our Ojas Mist is antibacterial, anti-fungal & ant-inflammatory.

Soothing your nerves & balancing for your spirit.

For external use only

Ingredients: *Sage, essential oils of *French lavender & *Himalayan cedarwood, Green Adventurine(*organic ^local)